Day 1 - 14st 13
I weigh myself 5 times to make sure It’s not the way I’m stood.

Day 1 - 14st 13

I weigh myself 5 times to make sure It’s not the way I’m stood.

Posted at 09:13 on Monday

Anonymous said: i am fully supporting what you're doing and i think it's a great idea to make a blog to track your eating and your weight to help you and possibly help/inspire others. but for snacks you should surely be eating healthier things than buttered toast? sorry i am honestly not trying to be an anonymous dick, i just don't want my tumblr name to be out there x

Oh trust me…there are FAR better things to eat then buttered toast but it was literally the ONLY thing I had in my house as I havnt been shopping forever.

I know buttered toast is not great for you but I didnt have any dinner as I was busy working and literally needed to eat. I could have not posted it…but that’s against the point right?


Posted at 10:45 on Monday

2am - Snack

- 2 white toast w/butter.

Posted at 11:25 on Sunday

Day 1 - Weight


Posted at 11:24 on Sunday


Right. For a while now my weight has annoyed me somewhat…

I am fully aware that I am not ‘massive’ however I am a lot bigger then I was 2 years ago, which does not amuse me. I am also fully aware that my recent pizza binge has not helped this fact haha, however I am not on a strict healthy eating plan.

I have set up this blog not as one of those ‘thinsperation’ blog but to give me the incentive to actually do it. I will not be uploading pictures of my weight loss or pictures of people with bodies/weights I intend to reach. I will be uploading things like, my meals, my weight loss in pounds and any exercize I do.

I am on tumblr way more than I should be anyway and I figured this would be a good way of keeping track of the things I eat and any working out I do, and I figure if people can actually see what I am eating, etc then it gives me more INCENTIVE to get shit done and get myself back into better shape….shit, I used to have beastly abs back in school! ha.

So yeah…

Posted at 11:20 on Sunday